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Robert's Season of Poetry Summer - Mockup - Hard cover.jpg
Sneak Peek


Now is the perfect time for the start of the summer,

It’s a time to show off for the culture,

The beauty in the trees and blue in the skies,

White clouds and a beautiful sunrise,

Children playing and enjoying outside,

Playing in water and sitting poolside,

Throwing frisbees at the beach, even flying kites,

Reading books under trees, taking in the sights,

Time to sit on the porch and watch the children play,

Hoping the sky stays clear all day,

What isn’t there to enjoy about the summertime,

Perfect weather with the beautiful sunshine,

Summer is beautiful even at its worst,

All the beauty in summer would leave you immersed!

Robert's Seasons of Poetry Summer - Hardcover - Front only.jpg
Robert's Seasons of Poetry-Summer - Kindle - Cover.png
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