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Black Boy, Don't Cry - Front cover.jpg

A family struck down by the tragic murder of their young son.

After their son was shot down in cold blood by a police officer, the Douglas family struggles to deal with their son's untimely death. In their search for justice, they rally together in hopes that the officer that murdered their son would be punished for his actions. Their family and friends do their best to be there for this family, but sometimes the loss of a loved one can be too much for one family to bare.

Even after the officer is charged, the family has little faith that the person responsible for their child's murder, will be convicted. They have a hard time remaining positive and hopeful that this person will be tried and prosecuted fairly and justly. Their skepticism makes it difficult for them to overcome the pain of their loss.

Even in their worst time, this family finds a way to stick together and learn to love one another even stronger than before. They do their best to mourn their son and honor his name as best as possible. Even while thinking they may not see justice for their son.

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