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Robert's Seasons of Poetry-Spring - Mockup - Book, tablet, phone.jpg

Sneak Peek


The trees are green, and flowers are full bloom,

The rain is here but it couldn’t have come too soon,

Spring in all its beauty and magnificence,

Birds soaring and singing is the evidence,

The warm weather comes along with its true beauty,

Blue skies and sunshine are amazing truly,

The wind blows briskly not bitterly like the winter,

The sky is so beautiful it looks like a picture from a printer,

The sun stays out longer and it’s beautiful, bright and golden,

The spring is perfect in all its motion,

The sky is falling, but with rain not snow,

No more snowballs out for the children to throw,

Only thing about spring I don’t like,

How my allergies go crazy and begin to spike,

Otherwise, springtime is an amazing thrill,

Time for amazing food and to get on the grill,

And so, I’m so glad that the spring is back,

But on the horizon is summers path!

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