Addiction By Robert Reddic III

When it comes to addiction, things are always more complicated than they may seem! Addiction is something that everyone has had to deal with first hand.

In this literary fiction, join the Austin family as they endure their own personal addictions, and grow with them as they attempt to help each other overcome addictions that, alone, one person would not be able to overcome. Learn how each family member copes with pain and heart ache, and see how each family member is pushed into their addiction. The Austin family is no different than any other family.

Throughout their story, they have trials and tribulations; some which push them over the edge, and make life completely unbearable. Like any person, each family member has their own breaking point.


Can this family overcome their addiction? Such addictions as alcoholism, gambling, sex, drugs and other things. This family, with all of their advantages, is just as susceptible to addiction as any other person and family.

Book Reviews

“Amazing book! Must read. Such life like events happening. You never know what someone is really going through. Don’t be so quick to judge. Just try to help! I wish there was a part two” 

—  Angelique Turner, Review On Amazon