"Robert's Seasons of Poetry: Fall" 
By Robert Reddic III

Robert's Seasons of Poetry: Fall is an inspirational book of poems, which consists of 45 poems originally written and published by Robert Reddic III himself. Each poem was created to be something inspirational and motivational to people that enjoy poetry.

Fall includes “Fall,” “Stand Tall,” “Love,” “Out of the Darkness,” “Power Within,” “Chosen,” “Wanting to Win,” “What I Need,” “Kind Words,” and “Keep on Pushing.” This book provides a range of brilliantly written poetry, growth, and inspiration.

One of Reddic’s goals with his poetry is to make people believe in themselves when they are at their lowest point. To give them a reason to keep working towards their dreams, never giving up on their goals.

Book Reviews

 “Thank you so much! I have an exam tomorrow and something went so wrong that I was gonna just give up trying to even study for it. Your poem really lifted my mood.”


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