Poems/Short Stories

Hate By Robert Reddic III

We lose so many people every day because of hate/

People killing people that’s not our true fate/

To kill because of race or religion is not a valid reason/

Murdering fellow man should never be a season/

Without knowing someone how can one judge/

Or just by looking at someone hold a grudge/

Times have changed but things remain the same/

Having hate in our hearts but not having shame/

Willing to do things to people out of pure malice/

Not caring for one another and being so callous/

What’s happening in our world is just tragic/

Time’s need to change, our measures should be drastic/

It’s time to work harder not smarter, because our brain gives us hate/

Love comes from the heart, but could it be too late/

Can we remove the hate, and love one another/

For this man to look at that man, not as an enemy, but as a brother!

In the Midst By Robert Reddic III

In the midst of something bad/

Remove your sorrows, choose to be glad/

When dealing with things out of your control/

Look deep inside yourself, search your soul/

Search for that hero that’s inside of you/

For that person you always wanted to/

That person as a child you wanted to become/

Or that character on tv that would see danger and run/

But not away, no they ran into the danger/

Not just for a friend, but a complete stranger/

So, pick yourself up from your lowest of lows/

Put a smile on your face, in the midst of the pain make sure it shows/

The trouble is only temporary, never permanent/

Place your pain in a hole and cover it with cement/

In a race, you jump over hurdles, not duck underneath/

Take a moment for yourself and control how you breathe/

See that you have more to offer, more to achieve/

Throw all of your troubles into the deepest of deep/

Regain your passion, your love for yourself/

Without love for you, how can you love someone else/

In the midst of it all, regain your strength/

Your life is not short, it contains great length! 

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